What is Aulagora?

What is Aulagora?


What is Aulagora?

Aulágora is a Teaching-Learning community based on an innovative model oriented to the effective development of practical and useful knowledge. They are not pre-designed courses, on the contrary they are lessons based on the interaction between experts and apprentices.

In Aulágora anyone can guide others to learn what he knows, what he is skilled in. In the same way, anyone can learn from others what they want or need for better job performance.

All that is required to participate is to link to the Community through a simple and quick registration. Then you just need to indicate what you are willing to teach or what you need or want to learn (or both). From there begin the interactions between experts and apprentices through our virtual classrooms that are nothing more than spaces of personalized meeting.

If you need to learn something specific or even very complex, in Aulágora you do not have to wait for someone to design a course on the subject. You only have to communicate it to the community and with this you immediately summon those who can help you to learn it. Then you choose the expert you consider most appropriate, based on your experience, your training, your reputation and your teaching offer. Thus, in Aulágora you learn only what you want and need, not what someone wants to teach.

In Aulágora, each lesson ends when you have learned effectively, that is, when you have developed a specific competency and have the ability to apply it in a real context. At the end of each lesson, both the Advisor and the Apprentice have the opportunity to qualify the performance of their counterpart.