We certify your learning

We certify your learning


We certify your learning

Microcredentials have recently emerged globally in a successful manner, allowing to validate knowledge and skills that are normally acquired outside the traditional educational model, but that give value to the experience that each person possesses in a specific subject represented in achievements, skills and learning. In Aulágora this you can make it a reality

Micro-credentials are portable, digital and verifiable certifications that are issued under a global standard.


They are divided into two parts:

1.- Graphic representation of the achievement. (Digital symbol)

2.- Metadata: refers to specific data that allow the issuer to be validated, the competence obtained, how it was obtained, and in some cases its durability.

Micro-credentials recognize different achievements or competences:


- Hard skills such as: programming domain in specific language

- Soft skills such as: Teamwork, Communication, Collaboration

- Participation in Conferences, Presentations, Workshop development

- Community participation

- Other skills not recognized by traditional education.

Who can deliver micro-credentials?

- Educational institutions

- Professionals in different areas of knowledge

- Learning Networks

- Companies with training areas

- Educational platforms

- Non-formal organizations of the learning community


Today, people accredited with micro-credentials are more visible to employers looking for profiles with specific skills in social networks, such as Linkedin.

We certify your learning